eBay How-To's

Before you can begin selling, you must register on eBay. After you've completed that step, you can start selling!


I highly recommend getting a scale to weigh packages. In fact, I'd even venture to say, do not sell without one. You'll end up losing on shipping if you guess. I've been there, done that, a few times when I've been lazy. You can search Amazon and find a ton. Something like this is good (although mine is ghetto and only goes to 5 pounds!).

Next, you'll need boxes, tape, bubble wrap and polymailers. These polymailers are about the cheapest I can find. Polymailers are lightweight and durable.

Lastly, order some USPS padded flat rate envelopes. You can stuff a TON in them, and they are great for shipping shoes too, and they only cost $5.10 ($4.99 if you have a discount), to ship. You can order them from USPS here. These are NOT available at your local PO. You must order them online. I seriously could not live without them!


It is extremely important to build up your feedback. People need to trust you, and they do so through feedback.

I recommend by starting off with selling things in your own home before you jump in to picking and selling. It's a great way to clear out space and declutter, make some money and most importantly, gain some feedback.

Make sure you take clear pictures. I am actually a horrible photographer, but am working on it. My husband got me a new camera for my birthday so hopefully that will help! I recommend getting some white boards, or white fleece, to take your pictures on. It looks much cleaner and nicer than carpet. Try to use natural light if you can. I found my kitchen has the best natural light. Most importantly, include lots of pictures. The front and back of an item are essential. Make sure you take pictures of any flaws. If it is a designer item, make sure you take pictures of the tag, serial numbers, etc. Like I said, I am not a very good photographer, but these very simple things help a TON.

If you don't care how much you get for something, you can start a bid at 99 cents. Make sure you have your shipping accurate. If you are shipping something under 13 oz, the cheapest way to ship is first class mail. If over 13 oz, parcel post or priority mail is the way to go. Check both prices, because sometimes priority ends up being cheaper. You can choose either "flate rate cost to all buyers" or "calculated based on buyers location". For first class mail, it will be the same price wherever you ship in the US. So, I usually do a flate rate cost for those items (which is under $3.50). For anything over 13 oz I do calculated. You will need to enter the item weight and dimensions for this. I offer both parcel post and priority, because the buyer can then choose the cheaper option, or the faster option, depending on their preference.

Print your postage online through eBay. It is quick, simple, and takes the guesswork out. You can then have your mail carrier pick up your packages of drop them off at the PO. 


You've sold your item, packaged it up, printed off the shipping label, and now it is headed to the buyer. So, now what? Now, you wait for it to arrive and for the buyer to leave you feedback. BE PREPARED to address issues. It will happen eventually. If something is your fault (and it happens), be very nice, apologize, and refund the seller. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REFUND UNTIL THEY HAVE SHIPPED IT BACK TO YOU. Please keep that in mind, because, there are scamming buyers out there. I use my judgement, and for example, someone told me a bra had a hole. I asked for pictures, she sent them, and I refunded her. I didn't need the bra back, because it'd be a waste of money in return shipping, because I couldn't resell a holey bra. But, you can choose to have them return it to you anyway. When starting out, I'd suggest having buyers return things and not going on pictures until you feel more comfortable. Chances are, everything will go great, but if not, be nice and refund :)


Let's say a buyer does not contact you about an issue and leaves you bad feedback. You can still contact them, offer a resolution and can request they change their feedback. In order to avoid getting bad feedback in the first place be honest and always note flaws. However, we are human, and sometimes we miss things. Most people understand that, but may jump to leaving negative feedback if they don't have an incentive not to. After a guy gave me negative feedback for shoes not having a box (which they were listed NEW WITHOUT BOX, but that's another story), I started sending little slips of paper with each purchase that says:
Thank you for purchasing from Brady Bunch Pickers!  We pride ourselves in 100% positive feedback. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us before leaving feedback so we can have the chance to provide you with excellent service. Thank you!

This little step is more personal and will most likely get the buyer to contact you BEFORE leaving feedback. 

There will be more! Off to feed a hungry baby!

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